Psychic Readings
Hi Folks, as most of you who visit this site already know, I do psychic readings, but for those of you who don't know, the readings are one hour; during the first half hour I channel your guides and ancestors for your highest good, the second half hour is for your questions. They can be about anything, past, present or future. Remember if you don't have questions you canít get answers. The readings are taped and I suggest you listen to the tape when you get it and then again when you can. As you listen to it, more clarity will come to you.
My fee is $100.00 an hour.

Please click the following link to make a secure payment through PayPal for your reading. Please *do not pay until you have scheduled your reading*.
Thank you!
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Love and laughter,

For those of you who've been hassling me about putting my picture on (Kathy, Joan) here ya go! Enjoy, haha. Ever the trickster.